Parkland Air Conditioning Repair

Parkland Air Conditioning Repair

Parkland Air Conditioning Repair

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are needs of virtually every homeowner irrespective of their income level, area of residence, or season of the year. It is on this premise that Parkland Air Conditioning Repair decided to invest in systems, equipment and professionals to ensure these homeowners are taken care of. Our reputation as a company has enabled us to service almost every home within the localities we operate in. we have taken pleasure in educating, training and advising homeowners on the types of systems to install, the recommended maintenance practices and how to maximize the output of the equipment they have.

Over time, our research and development team at Parkland Air Conditioning Repair has developed customized solutions to suit the HVAC needs of our customers. We keep our word and we follow all the promises we make to ensure they come to fruition.

Why Choose Parkland Air Conditioning Repair?

We are known all over the areas we work in as the most reliable 24/7 HVAC experts who will stop at nothing to ensure all HVAC needs are sorted out. Our workmanship is above the industry recommended average because our professionals are all certified and experienced in the responsibilities they carry out.

All our services are priced competitively because our goal is to give our customers the most comfortable indoor environment irrespective of their income levels. All our packages are customized according to the budgets of our customers.

We have a large fleet of vehicles that give our professionals mobility to access even the far flung areas within the shortest possible times.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of HVAC services in response to the needs of our customers. For a long time, we have served as the go-to HVAC Company in Parkland for services such as AC Installation and Repair, Heating Repair, Duct Cleaning, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Coil Cleaning and Pool Heating Repair.

AC Installation and Repair – We have played an advisory role to homeowners who want to invest in HVAC systems. Using our expertise, experience and network we have established with the top brands in the market, we have ensured our customers get the best systems and high quality installations. In case of breakdowns, our team of qualified technicians is on standby to help in emergency repairs. We also have scheduled repair and maintenance services which give us an edge over our peers in the HVAC industry.

Heating Repair – We offer our customers quality heating repair services by ensuring that the systems they have are well serviced and maintained throughout their lifespan. We also carry warranties for the top brands in the industry and this gives our customers reprieve knowing that their heat pumps, boilers and furnaces are covered accordingly. We regularly check and replace refrigerants where necessary, fix broken motor fans, change filters, clean heating system coils among other services.

Duct Cleaning – The ductwork of any house affects directly the effectiveness of HVAC systems. This is because it provides the main channel through which air gets in and out of the house. In many of the homes we have been into, one constant problem we have witnessed is dusty and dirty air ducts which have contributed to stuffy and polluted indoor environment. Our technicians are trained to identify and remove any debris, dirt and dust lodged within the ductwork to give you a clean indoor environment.

Dryer Vent Cleaning – Dysfunctional dryer vents are dangerous to homes because they are the major causes of domestic fires according to research. We recommend that your vents be cleaned at least once a year. This is because lint builds up over time making it difficult for these vents to dry your clothes within the expected duration.

Coil Cleaning – The coil is an integral component of any HVAC system, if the coil is dirty, it interferes with the overall operation whether heating or cooling of your systems. We have a team of coil cleaning professionals who have the right equipment to inspect, clean and restore your coils back to the way they were at the very beginning.

Pool Heating Repair – Swimming pools have become more of a necessity than a luxury in homes. Most homeowners close their pools over winter because of the freezing temperatures. Our technicians at Parkland Air Conditioning Repair have the expertise to guarantee these homeowners and their families a warm pool 365 days a year.

We invite you to visit us or better still give us a call on (954) 358-4256 for emergency HVAC services as well as enquiries.

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