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Air Conditioning Repair Parkland

Air Conditioning Repair Parkland

Parkland lies in a geographical area that experiences temperatures of between 86 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit from May through to October. This kind of weather necessitates that Parkland residents and homeowners install quality air conditioning units. The wet summers and hot humid climate means that indoor environments not served by air conditioning systems can be quite uncomfortable staying in. Our goals and mission within Parkland and its environs is to ensure every family stays in a comfortable home that has all the necessary HVAC installations and in good working order.

AC Installation

Before installing your AC systems, we first of all undertake an energy audit and home survey to find out the energy situation within your home and advice on how well the loopholes can be fixed before the installation is done so that it can serve you efficiently for a much longer period of time. Based on your household energy load, we shop for appropriate systems that can exactly meet the need without being oversized.

Our AC installation services are as per the recommended standards by manufacturers and industry regulators. Poorly installed AC systems can directly affect the output of even the best HVAC systems in the market. This is why we are keen to ensure our installations are done with a lot of care bearing in mind the project time frame so that you enjoy conditioned air within the shortest possible time. We professionally install all brands in the market therefore giving you a one-stop shop solution to all your installation needs.

Whether you are doing a total replacement or partial replacements of only the parts and components such as thermostats, air handlers, air scrubbers, filters, coils, or blowers, our technicians will give you all the support you need.

AC Repair

With the kind of climate homeowners find themselves in, their HVAC systems are forced to run 24/7 365 days a year. For any system irrespective of how quality it is, running for such a duration non-stop exposes it to wear and tear which is the major cause of breakdowns. Instead of waiting until your system completely stops functioning, it is important to have periodical checks so that any faulty part can be repaired or replaced before it gets worse.

When you see your AC system consuming much power than it used to before, you should immediately know that inefficiency have started creeping in and you should make arrangements for repair operations. Other signs include unusual noises coming from your system, water pooling around your AC units and unusual odors.

Our technicians are trained to identify and immediately repair your unit with unmatched precision. In addition to planned repairs, our doors are also open for emergency calls of service should you AC breakdown in the middle of the night, over the weekend or during holidays and after work hours.

Maintenance Service Plans

No homeowner wants to suffer the effects of inefficient or malfunctioning systems. However, many of them find themselves in these situations because of the lack of an elaborate HVAC plan. At Parkland Air Conditioning Repair, we have several planned maintenance services to cover our clients all through the year. These plans guarantee homeowners that our technicians will visit their homes and check the condition of the HVAC systems including a thorough inspection of the motors, condensate drains, coils, filters and other parts.

We advise our clients to enroll themselves for these maintenance services so that our professionals can arrest possible AC failures before they balloon into bigger problems. Get in touch with us today at 954-358-4256
and let us take charge of your system.

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